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Hi and assalamualaikum everyone! So for this entry im going to do a review on one of my fav skincare product that i've been using since the ages, so without getting any rambling so lets get into the topic! I've been a long time supporter of Benzac AC 5% (this is my 4th tube i guess) I've been using it since last year, if im not mistaken. And thanks a lot to my doc who suggest me a lot of product to repair and rebuild my skin. If u guys know me, u will know how bad is my skin when i was 17, i have acne all over my face, like every inch of my face and this is so sad.

Benzac is a products to help treat acne. Its products are dermatologically-tested, safe and gentle to help us achieve clear, healthy and acne-free skin. Benzac AC is suitable to be used by sufferers with mild to moderate acne. It should be applied once or twice daily to the affected area.There are 3 strengths of Benzac AC Gel. 2.5%, 5% and 10%. The percentage refers to the amount of the active benzoyl peroxide in the gel.Use lower strengths for those who either fair or sensitive skinned. Higher concentrations can be used on chest, shoulders and back.


The value of Comedogenic and Irritation from zero to five, the lower the better (the less chance it will happen).

*Safety index from 1~9, the lower number means this ingredient is low hazard.


Benzac AC Gel is an effective treatment for mild to moderate acne problems with the following key benefits:

1. Kills P-acnes, an acne causing bacteria, within 48 hours.

2. Unblocks pores with a mild peeling effect

3. Absorbs excess oil without stripping skin of moisture

4. Reduces risk of irritation: Unique Acrylates Copolymer (AC) Technology releases glycerin to keep skin hydrated and comfortable.


If you read my previous post about cetaphil, this is the best combination of product to treats my acne (both suggested by doc) Cetaphil as cleanser, Benzac as pimple cream to reduce my acne well, to reduce acne we cant wash our face like 5 times a day or else our face will getting over drying or dehydrated

During last year i have a lot of active acne, and always pop itself lols. I'm trying my best to not pop it again, then i start using benzac from doctor for the first time. And was surprised to find that they almost went away (dried off) overnight. The efficacy of 5% is definitely much better as compared to using 2.5%, whereby I'll probably need at least full day usage (2x) or 2 days for the breakouts to tone down.

However, after 3 days of usage, I realized that my forehead and cheeks (areas I apply the gel on) are getting drier and my cheeks even started to feel 'sandy' even though no visible peeling occurred. And of course, I need to always wear moisturzier for next day since im dry skin and this can make my skin more drier.

So efficacy vs drying effects, you got to make the choice here depending on your own facial condition, i choose to stay since i know how to handle and balance them.I feel that 5% is an excellent choice for combating pimples on other parts of my body (namely back and chest) with thicker skin.

However with 5%, the angry redness and bump seems to tone down with just 1 application overnight (but by right you shouldn't put too much gel).

So, to conclude, if you're a new user to Benzoyl Peroxide, or suffer from sensitive or extremely dehydrated skin, do start low (2.5%) and slowly work your way up to a 5%(im using rn) or even 10% should you feel that the efficacy is lacking.

So thats all. Actually in malaysia we have a lot of type and brand of pimple gel or solution such as dalacin-T, tidact, and tea tree oil but its depends on your type of skin. If youre oily; get gel (to avoid oil get into you pores and clog ur pores more and more)if youre dry skin/normal u shouldn't have no problem with any type.


1. Wash your face using your gentle cleanser
2. Wear a toner (use cotton pad) to get rid all the dirts left and minimize your pores
3. Wear moisturizer/aloe vera gel
4. Dab Benzac AC at your acne spot and leave it dry overnight

Drugstore(watson/guardain/caring), supermarket, any pharmacy

RM10-14(depends beli kat mana)

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  1. Thank you for the review! Sbb pnh tgk org pki bnde ni tp tak tau ok ke tak haha

  2. Thanks for the review. I am using this product right now, recommended by pakar kulit... And yes, acne gone but my face turns dry and sandy mcm yg awk ckpkn tu. So, mcm mn nk rawat ye?